The eleven members of the board of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy are elected by the members at the annual meeting and hold three year terms.

Officers are elected annually by the board of directors. Terms expire in November of the listed year.

The officers of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy are all also board members.


Chairman Kim Metzgar (term expires 2021)
Vice Chairman Phil Gowaty (term expires 2022).
Secretary Carl Pierce (term expires 2021).
Treasurer Johnny Motto (term expires 2020).

General board members

Paul Damon, Jr. (term expires 2020).
Ryan Maurer (term expires 2021).
Hope Brooks (term expires 2022).
Walt Hamm (term expires 2021).
Mike Schirato (term expires 2022).
Kerry Speelman (term expires 2020)
Andrea Gillis (term expires 2020).

Other Volunteer Positions

Paul Damon, Sr., Archivist
Tom Metzgar, Assistant Treasurer
Dave Field, Hall Cave Preserve Manager
Jim McConkey, Silers Cave Preserve Manager
Eric Pelkey, Assistant Harlansburg Cave Preserve Manager
Jeff Jahn, Rupert Cave Trip Leader
Sunni Reitmyer, Rupert Cave Trip Leader
Dennis Melko, Barbara Schomer Preserve Manager