Curt Harler

(term expires 2024)

Board Member, NSS 22735 CL (FE)

Curt Harler, a long time member of the Cleveland Grotto and a former executive vice president of the National Speleological Society, was elected to a three-year term on the MAKC Board of Directors in 2021.

Curt is a life member and conservation life member of the NSS, fellow, frequent contributor to the NSS News and co-editor of Caving Basics, published by the NSS. He is a regular columnist in the Cleve-O-Grotto News, contributed to the Speleo-Digest series, and is an honorary life member of the Cleveland Grotto.

Other books include Historic Caves of the Cuyahoga Valley, and Historic Caves of the Lake Erie Islands.
He is vice chairman and founding member of the Ohio Cave Survey, a life member of MAKC.
And, to those who think Pittsburgh and Cleveland can’t get along (in a football sense), Curt, eight time chairman and six times vice chairman of Cleveland Grotto, among other service, is also a member of Pittsburgh Grotto.
Curt is a life member of the Robertson Association and TRA Grotto (OTR), and has explored about 500 different caves worldwide. He has been a survey team member on some notable explorations, including Hidden River Cave and Sarah Furnace Cave and many Ohio caves. He is a volunteer at Mammoth Cave National Park, and the American Cave Conservation Association, has been a committee member/organizer of two cave clean-up projects in West Virginia and Ohio, an participated in eleven other cave clean-up projects in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.