Tom Metzgar

• NSS 24673 RL, FE PH • Chairman • Bear Cave and Trout Run Woods Preserve Manager • Danielson Center/Library Manager

Tom Metzgar, NSS 24673, lives in his native Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State in 1981, and retired in 2022.
A founding member of Loyalhanna Grotto and MAKC, he also belongs to Greater Allentown Grotto, Pittsburgh Grotto, York Grotto, and the American Spelean History Association. Besides caving, Tom enjoys books, botany, forestry, genealogy, herpetology, local history, railroads, reading, and writing. He likes looking at rocks and what lives on and underneath them.
Tom and his wife Kim are well known in the caving community as owners of Bear Cave on Chestnut Ridge, about four miles south of MAKC’s Blairsville, PA Headquarters, and near their cottage in Derry Township’s Ridgeview Park. Tom is a familiar face in MAKC’s booth on Vendor’s Row at the annual Old Timer’s Reunion held every Labor Day Weekend in Randolph County, West Virginia.

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