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This 28-page booklet on Tartarus Cave in Wisconsin is number 15 in the Speece Productions Spelean History series. Jack Speece is a long-time caver based in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The series holds appeal for persons interested in the history of caves. Cost includes shipping and handling.

Jack Speece compiled this book using materials from Gary K. Soule, Kasey Fiske, Scott Moll, Bryan Kleist, Al Schema, Tony Krose, Gordon Smith. The Speece Productions Spelean History series contains more than 100 booklets on caves throughout the country.

MAKC makes these booklets available to support our library in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. Booklets offered online are on caves that are open and available to the general public. Other booklets, due to private property concerns, or species of concern protection, may only be available to members of the organized caving community in person at caving events. Organized cavers can inquire about booklet availability on specific caves.