Recent Library Additions

We’ve had several recent additions to our library, including some additional convention mugs from the estate of Larry Southam (via Bert Ashbrook and Chris Hill), some books from Jeff Jahn, and a large donation of collectibles from Judi Stack. Kim Metzgar, her mom, Marian Opatka, and Tyler Reed, traveled to Harrisburg this spring to pick up Judi’s gift. It includes Dale Ibberson’s SpelunkJunk Trunk, which he crafted at age 16 and which carried his cave gear; Dale’s caving scrapbook; his survey book; some photos including some at Womer’s Cave; and a replica quilt made of one that had been auctioned off by York Grotto as a fundraiser. Various cavers contributed squares to the project, with the squares including total darkness (a black one), a carbide lamp, York Grotto bat logo, a climber, a map of Bootlegger Sink, a woodrat, bat, and more, as you can see from the photo at left. We considered displaying it somewhere in the house but will have to explore ways to protect it from light damage. For now it resides comfortably in Dale’s trunk. Below the board holds up both sides of the quilt and a new board photo was taken.