Penn Aqua Preserve Sponsors

Penn Aqua Cave Preserves

These supporters have made the acquisition of this preserve possible. Our fundraising goal is $38,000, which includes the acquisition of two acres of land as well as acquisition expenses. We are striving to keep this list up-to-date as donations come in. Please be patient if your name does not yet appear, especially if you donated via Facebook (reporting can be up to 30 days). We truly appreciate all of the support from our donors.

Dave Ader
Bert Ashbrook

Bald Eagle Grotto
George and Karen Bange
Sara Ulrich Bidelspacher
Kara Bond
John Boswell
Barbara Bramley

Tommy Cleckner
Commander Cody Caving Club
Bryan Crowell

Paul Damon
Ed Dymek

Thom Engel
Francois Erradonea

Kim Fleischmann
Franklin County Grotto

Phil Gowaty and Sue Moore
Greater Allentown Grotto
Tom Griffin

Abbe Hamilton
Walt Hamm
Curt Harler
Chris and Gayle Hill
Will Hilton
David Hughes

Jeff Jahn

Charles Kahn
Vince and Susan Kappler
Dwight and Jill Kempf
Karen Kurtz

Ed LaRock
Veronica Sassu Laviero
Rob Lee
Lost River Caverns, Inc.
Joseph and Roseanne Lugg

Jenn Macalady
Doug Medville
Kim Metzgar
Cassandra Meyers
Amos Mincin
Michelle Mintmier
Roger Moore
Jeff Morrissey
Ron Morrison

Johanna Neller
Matt Neyhart
Nittany Grotto

George Palmos
Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy
Philadelphia Grotto
Carl Pierce

Allen Rush

Matt Saltzer
Gretchen Schock
Careen Shafer
Mike Shank
Mindie Simmons
Gordon Smith
John Snoddy
Dean Snyder
Mike and Stephanie Spencer

Josh Taylor

Robert Wehde Jr.
Keith Wheeland
Amanda Willis
Paul Winter

York Grotto
Cole and Jesse Young, “Brother Muckers”

Gabby Zawacki

Support our cave conservation efforts with a donation. Your contribution supports our current cave acquisition fund and property management expenses. We are an all-volunteer organization. There is no “overhead” except for speleothems attached to the cave ceiling.