Hall Cave Preserve Sponsors

Hall Cave Spot Sponsors (all cave spots taken)
1 Doug Dean
2. Rock-n-Rescue
3. Walt Hamm
4. The Robertson Association
5. Bob and Bev Danielson
6. Buford Pruitt, Jr.
7. George and Karen Bange
8. The Loyalhanna Grotto
9. Kate Nestor
10. Sam Slee
11. Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy
12. Nancy Finney
13. Chuck Acklin, in honor of Dale Acklin
14. Ray and Melissa Hilko
15. Bert Ashbrook
16. Aaron Muderick
17. James A. Hasse, in honor of Kathryn Hasse
18. Frank Herceg and Dave Kohuth, in memory of Dallas McKeever
19. Steve Warnek
20. Dave Felix
21. Betsy Marshall
22. Jack Stellmack
23. Franklin County Grotto
24. John L. Long
25. Enchanted Mountain Cave Group
26. George Irving
27. Joseph s. Pendleton, 3rd, in honor of Squire Lewis
28. Bob Liebman (Bob & Bob)
29. Mike Singer
30. Marshall Fausold
31. Jan and Paul Damon, Sr.
32. John E. Pearson
33. Ethan Frantz and Ramen Noodle Wrestling
34. Ethan Frantz and Ramen Noodle Wrestling
35. Curt Harler
36. Andrea Dieffenbaugher
37. Ken Grundy
38. Pittsburgh Grotto
39. Amos A. Mincin
40. Dave, Vernie and Gwenn Knorr
41. Dickinson College Outing Club
42. Tom Metzgar
43. Tom Metzgar
44. Dan Copenhaver
45. Dickinson College Outing club
46. Bob McLaughlin
47. Dean Snyder
48. Michelle Mintmier, in honor of Brian Mintmier
49. Tom Metzgar
50. Carl Pierce
51. The Cleveland Grotto
52. Randy Schriber
53. Mark Hanneman
54. Eric Coffman
55. Mark Hanneman
56. Paul Damon, Jr.

Property Parcel Sponsors

Support our cave conservation efforts with a donation. Your contribution supports our current cave acquisition fund and property management expenses. We are an all-volunteer organization. There is no “overhead” except for speleothems attached to the cave ceiling.