The Good News: Caving To Resume

MAKC response to COVID-19:
The MAKC recognizes the issues regarding COVID-19 and any impacts it may have on caves, caving, cavers, and bats.  Masks, gloves, social distancing, and CDC, state, county, and local guidelines are encouraged as much as possible.  Any travel restrictions are to be followed, as are the desires of landowners.  Where caving is permitted, smaller group sizes are highly encouraged, ideally all in any group are a family or close friend unit.  Self rescue if necessary is highly preferred.
Temporary Changes To Cave Access

  • Bear Cave (lease) No more than one trip per day, Sept 15 closes for bats. (temporary change of closing date). To schedule your day please email A schedule of available days will be posted on
  • Bedford Springs Cave (lease) Leased property, follow landowner directives. Email
  • Billy Clay Pit (owned) Existing management plan is sufficient, no bat population concerns. Email
  • Cleversburg Sink (lease) cave is routinely flooded. Any temporary management plan changes will depend on accessibility. Email
  • Hall Cave (owned) No more than one trip per day, group size of 5 plus trip leader max highly recommended, no bat population concerns. Email
  • Harlansburg Cave (lease) For survey work, one group should work the same area of cave. Avoid any bat areas if any become known. Abide by present permit system. Email
  • Rupert Cave (management) New section closed, Arrangements can be made for small group size trips to the old section. Email The cave owners reserve the right to reject any proposed trip.
  • Barbara Schomer Preserve (owned) For survey work, one group should work the same area of cave. Mask use is encouraged due to tight spaces. Monitor for bats and avoid those areas. Email:
  • Silers Cave (leased) Will reopen when the preserve manager is comfortable doing so. Email
  • Trout Run Woods (leased) No more than one trip per day, Sept 15 closes for bats. Proper personal equipment and training are recommended for all caves. While no permit is needed to visit caves on this preserve, due to temporary protective measures due to COVID-19, a reservation should be made in order to limit groups to one group per day. The closing date for bat hibernation season has been moved to Sept. 15 on a temporary basis and will be re-evaluted in 2021. Email:
DCNR Caves Closed For The Year

  • Barton Cave, Coon Cave and Lemon Hole will not open for the year. These caves are owned by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) but MAKC assists with cave management. We hope the caves will reopen next year.