Cave Openings Delayed

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Governor Wolf’s travel ban, our board of directors is delaying the opening of our preserves which are scheduled to open on April 15 following the end of our bat hibernation closure. We are also asking that persons refrain from visiting any other preserves while the travel ban is in effect. While we understand that “outdoor activities” such as hiking are permitted by the Governor, we have decided that out of respect for the landowners of our leased preserves, and for the neighbors in some of our owned preserves, it would be best to ask cavers to refrain from visiting our preserves during this pandemic. The preserves will only be closed until the Governor lifts the travel ban. We are hoping that this situation gets better by the tentative end to the travel ban on April 30. Our preserve managers will be keeping an eye on the preserves, one to two people only, and are available by email to answer any questions. Let’s hope all members of the caving community, as well as our friends and neighbors, as well as anyone affected by this virus, can get through this as quickly as possible so we can resume normal activities as soon as possible.