Bear Cave Preserve Permit Request

Bear Cave Natural Area • Western PA •Open 4/15 to 10/15 • MAKC Lease • Permit Required •

Please read the management plan and mail or email a permit application to visit Bear Cave. While the permit application is below, the management plan should be read before submitting. The plan will be changing with decontamination protocols for White Nose Syndrome. Persons disregarding decontamination protocols will be asked not to return. The owners are on the property frequently, and the owners and owners’ friends may question your knowledge of White Nose Syndrome and what you are doing to prevent its spread. If you cannot be respectful of their wishes, you do not ‘have’ to visit this property.

All organizations must provide a copy of their non-profit letter of determination from the Internal Revenue Service, certificate of insurance, and other appropriate documents, such as the required Scouting tour permit. Failure to disclose any fees, failure to do the proper paperwork, or failure to provide any of the requested information will result in denial of the group permit to visit Bear Cave. Bear Cave is on private property and any and all fees charged to visit this cave are prohibited. It is not a commercial operation. For now, please mail forms to MAKC, 137 East Campbell St., Blairsville, PA 15717.