Sarah Furnace Cave

Sarah Furnace Cave

By Kim Metzgar

The MAKC has been interested in purchasing Sarah Furnace Cave in northwestern Pennsylvania’s Clarion County since 2006 when we learned that the property had changed hands. The cave had been owned by Mary Landi of Clarion, who at one time permitted caving, with permission obtained by cavers through her attorney. However, for various reasons, in 1992 she decided to close the property to visitation. Cavers did not visit the cave, although unaffiliated spelunkers continued to go.

We learned about a dozen years ago that the property had changed hands. MAKC obtained permission numerous times to visit the cave. We ran trips during our anniversary a few years ago, during another members’ event, and at various other times, so a good number of modern-day cavers became reacquainted with this long-closed caves.

Last year we learned that the property was for sale. We signed an option in October of 2018 and are now raising funds to complete this acquisition. The closing is scheduled for May 31, 2019. We have 70 percent of the funds in hand. Please help us with the last $30,000!

This is a horizontal maze cave that is very unique. We hope to have several local grottos involved with management, and have a complete management plan ready to adopt at our February board meeting. All of this is still contingent on final fund raising, so donate now, via paypal, (, via check or credit card. Mail checks to MAKC, 137 East Campbell Street, Blairsville, PA 15717. For electronic payment contact our treasurer, Johnny Motto,