Billy Clay Sponsors

On May 30, 2002, just two weeks before the final payment was due on Billy Clay Pit, the MAKC got a phone call from Dick Blenz, the Indiana caver who has supported many cave conservation projects from many conservancies and the NSS. Dick bought a whole lot at the Hall Cave Preserve to get us going, and offered to pay the final amount we needed to pay off Billy Clay Pit.

We also received word that we had received a $1,000 grant from Cave Conservancy of the Virginias, and a grant in the amount of $500 was received from Explorers Club of Pittsburgh. Niagara Frontier Grotto got the final surface spot, and Dick got all of the remaining cave spots. Dick, your support, and the support of all of our donors, is deeply appreciated. Many of you donated more than once, and our sustaining members contributed monthly toward paying off this preserve, although they are only listed once here.

Walt Hamm, who initiated this project, donated more than half a dozen times, in addition to writing several successful grant applications. Thank you all, again!

Here is the list, in order of donation: (if a member appears more than once it was because there were mutliple donations made)

Walt Hamm
Kelly Hart
Scott and Jaime Fee
John Pearson entrance
Steve Warnek
Carl Pierce
Tri-State Grotto
Eric Coffman
Cornelia Rutherford Clay Pit 2
Tom Williams
Steve Duncan
Gary Storrick
Peri Frantz
Northampton S.D.
Barb Schomer, Bru Randall
Cliff Lindsay
Bob & Bev Danielson
Nigel Dyson-Hudson
Jefferson Frantz
Diane Reichert
Ethan Frantz
John Nestor
George Palmos
The Robertson Association
National Speleological Society
David Irving
Chuck Acklin
Walt Hamm
Carl Pierce
Pittsburgh Grotto (Murray)
Dan Peden
Tom Metzgar
Pittsburgh Grotto survey class
Paula Grgich/Dennis Melko
Franklin County Grotto
Paula Grgich (Taylor)
John Pearson
Buford Pruitt Jr.
Bert Ashbrook
Phil Gowaty
Kelly Hart
Pittsburgh Grotto
Walt Hamm
Wat Hamm
Walt Hamm
Dave Taylor
Paula Grgich
Kevin Dunleavy
Josh Rubinstein
Virginia Area Region
Richmond Area Speleological Society
Philadelphia Grotto
John Nestor
Marshall Fausold
Alex Stewart
Blue Ridge Grotto
Kim Metzgar
Charles Cattell
John Taylor
Al Stewart
Jack Stellmack
Josh Rubinstein
Bubble Cave LLC
John Long
Alan Looney
Walt Hamm
Walt Hamm
Tom & Kim Metzgar
Seven Valleys Grotto
Pittsburgh Grotto
Niagara Frontier Grotto
Paula Grgich & Dennis Melko
Dick Blenz
Cave Conservancy of the Virginias