Harlansburg Cave

In November 2002, the MAKC leased Harlansburg Cave, the longest cave in Pennsylvania. At the request of the owners, in June 2003 gates were installed on cave entrances both north and south of the road cut.

The MAKC plans include:
Cleanup the results of fifty years of abuse. This includes the removal of lots of graffiti, string, boots, and broken glass.
Creating a high quality map of the cave.
Documenting the cave’s history.
Observing and documenting the cave’s unique geology, hydrology, paleontology, and biology.

Access to the cave will be open to all qualified cavers. A great way to see and learn about the cave is to volunteer for one of our ongoing mapping or cleanup trips (see the calendar for upcoming trips). All volunteers, including those new to caving, are always welcome. Contact harlansburgcave@karst.org for more information.

Further information about the cave can be found in the management plan.

Harlansburg Cave is the longest mapped cave in Pennsylvania, at more than four miles of passage. The cave, located in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, was originally mapped by cavers from Westminster College. When the MAKC leased the cave, MAKC members decided to undertake remapping to more modern standards, with more passage details.

The cave is also available for recreational trips. Since it is gated, arrangements must be made in advance with the preserve manager.