Fence Lizard Study

Clambering over sharp-edged rocks to Con Cave’s entrance in the abandoned quarry face, you’ve probably glimpsed an Eastern Fence Lizard, Sceroporus undulatus. Sometimes, they’ll remain motionless, hoping to remain invisible on rough gray rocks and tree bark. Usually, these wary reptiles dart into crevices and scurry around the the back sides of trees away from human intruders. Fence lizards are locally abundant at this site, which is near the northern edge of their range. On sunny summer days, cavers visiting Con Cave are almost certain to see several fence lizards without making any extra efforts to observe them. Over the years, several people have studied this well-known lizard population. Although these lizards rarely venture far inside caves, they’re common at many cave entrances. We are thankful for Renee Rosier’s study of the Con Cave fence lizards as part of the MAKC’s efforts to promote science.