MAKC Attends Blairsvilles Knotweed Festival

By Kim Metzgar

One day while at work I received a telephone call from the Blairsville Community Development Association. Since it is the town where we have our library, I was a bit excited. We were personally invited to attend their annual Knotweed Festival, a community event where they close off a street, have food booths, vendors, and entertainment. Since I could not talk while at work, I asked them to mail me some information and in a short time we were signed up.

On the appointed Saturday, Tom and I, Kerry Speelman, John Long and Johnny Motto showed up to set up the booth. The weather was fine, a bit hot. We all took turns walking down to the food booth area and sampling some of the great food.

We sold some hiking guides, answered lots of questions about cave, and had lots of visitors to the booth, including some BCDA members, who again thanked us for participating, and a candidate running for Indiana County Commissioner who bought a book. Afterwards we received a handwritten thank you note.
It was a very good event, only three blocks from the library, and we felt very welcomed. It just reaffirmed the choice of the board to become part of the Blairsville community.