New Version of Climb Pennsylvania Available

The new, updated version of Climb Pennsylvania—expanded to 72 pages and with over 15 photos—is available right now. This is a revision of the popular 1985 first edition which has long been out of print. MAKC member Curt Harler wrote the copy, printed and published it, and MAKC has autographed copies for sale. The retail price of the new guidebook is $10. Copies are available to MAKC members who mention the MAKC for $9, including postage and handling sent to MAKC.

The new Climb Pennsylvania (second edition) includes some new rock climbing centers not mentioned in the first edition and lists some landmark routes at each (names, locations and grades of three or four routes). It also includes bouldering centers, ice climbing areas, and has a new listing of indoor climbing gyms across the Commonwealth. It’s a must-have for any Keystone State climber.