NSS President Visits MAKC Library

On a hot June day, when we had scheduled a front door replacement project at the MAKC library, we were pleased to be visited by NSS President Gordon Birkhimer. Gordon, who was in the area visiting family members and friends, not only stopped by for a visit, but he quickly lent a hand.

On the drive up from Virginia, he met Board member Mike Kern to pick up a piece of equipment meant for the house. That was delivered when Gordon drove out with Dennis Melko the following day. We not only enjoyed visiting with Gordon, but he arrived just as we were ready to install the door and assisted with that project. He took pictured and toured the house with archivist Paul Damon, Sr., who was working at the house. Paul’s daughter Denise was also on hand for the visit.

Following his visit to the library, Gordon accompanied Dennis on a trip to one of our cave projects, traveling through four counties from Pittsburgh to Blairsville and on to Fayette.

We’ve been fortunate to know and have support from many NSS members, including Gordon, who is a life member. He is the first NSS President to visit the new office; however, former NSS President Jack Stellmack will always have a large presence there, as he donated his cave book collection to the MAKC and a room in the house will be dedicated in his memory.