Cave Register Program

Pennsylvania cave register program, a part of the NSS Contemporary Cave Use Study (CCUS) is back on track. MAKC has serviced and installed replacement registers (where needed) in a number of Western Pennsylvania Caves.

Volunteers with the project have included Andrea Dieffenbaugher, Ray Gillis, Jason Gray, John Mathers, John Nestor and Tom and Kim Metzgar. They have participated in register servicing trips to Barton Cave, Coon Cave, Lemon Hole and the Sanditarium. Several other regional caves have had registers in the past, including Loyalhanna Creek Cave and Casparis Cave. The MAKC is looking for a few good volunteers to service the registers in those caves, if they still exist, and if they don’t, to replace the registers and then install new books in them.

There are also several cave registers in regional caves which are closed.

Lisa Hall is now in charge of the national program for the NSS. To volunteer email Lisa.