Rogers Belmont Cave (Lease expired)

Preserves Rogers Belmont Preserve

The Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy, Inc., leased this cave in Virginia for a number of years. It had been a long-closed cave. Board Member Jeff Jahn and Front Royal Grotto successfully managed the cave with very few problems and with good landowner relations.

The property changed hands in 2016 and, in spite of continued warm relations with Jeff and the Grotto, the new owner has decided not to continue the lease, for personal reasons. If the situation changes, MAKC will announce it via our website as well as in our newsletter. Sometimes landowners change. While we are disappointed that this has occurred, we wish the new landowner well and remain ready to offer our assistance in cave management should he change his mind about allowing access.

Jeff and the Grotto worked extremely hard on this project. Please do not bother the landowner at this time. Jeff and the Grotto will continue to monitor the situation and will be the first to let everyone know if the situation changes.

Thank you for your understanding.