House Projects Completed

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank all the volunteers we had this past (August work) weekend for their help and participation.

We accomplished removing all the rugs and carpets in the entire house. Two rooms were painted with primer and are ready for the next step.

The two rooms downstairs have nice hardwood floors that need a light sanding and then a few coats of polyurethane (need a professional?). There is still a some carpet backing residue stuck to the floors that needs removed. (None of the carpets were glued down.)

The front room upstairs has plank flooring. There are two small places that could use some repair. The floor could then be sanded, stained (?) or painted (?). The other large room upstairs, still has linoleum on it. We will remove that once the room walls are painting is complete (a wall or two need another coat).

The stair treads were also removed and I would probably recommend painting the steps and then putting new treads down. I would leave the railing as is.

Outside, the brick piles were cleaned up and the concrete pad was beginning to get broken up. We filled the dumpster, so the
concrete pad project will have to be finished later.

The area under the large front porch was power washed and it looks much better than before. The back of the garage was re-primed, after the BOD decided the color of yellow from the MAKC logo was too bright. We’ll try more yellows at a later date.

Dennis Melko stopped by on Saturday night and provided his input on the power to the outbuilding.

Again, the major problem with our project still is funding. I am really proud that we have did this much with so little money.

All volunteers deserve our appreciation for all the free labor they provided.

Please thank the following people next time you see them:

Walt Hamm, Paul Damon, Sr., Phyllis Todd, Kelly Hart, Paul Damon, Jr., Carl Pierce, Andrea Gillis, Jeff Jahn, Mike Kern, Phil Gowaty, Kim Metzgar, Kerry Speelman. And although Mike Schirato was unable to help that weekend, he and Mike Kern tore down the old chimney a week previously.

As always, John Long should be thanked for continuing to keep the lawn maintained.

Tom Metzgar has spent innumerable hours painting, removing the old antenna and wires, and tons of other miscellaneous chores.

Also, a special thanks to Doug Dean for helping Tom with the antenna and wires.

By Sue Moore