MAKC Gives Trail Mapping Talk

Kim Metzgar, Tom Metzgar, Kerry Speelman and Mark Lancaster of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy gave a talk on trail mapping on Saturday, March 21, the final day of a three-day conference held by the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators at Lake Raystown Resort and Conference Center, Entricken.

“Learn how to create your own trail map using handheld compass, clinometer and tape. Whether it is creating a map for a wildfl ower walk, tree identifi cation hike, or to identify geologic features of a property, this skill can be a useful and fun educational project. Be sure and check out the Lincoln Caverns/Whisper Rocks cave map when visiting Lincoln Caverns If attendees interest warrants, the group will do a road trip to visit the Hall Cave Preserve of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy, Inc., to participate first-hand in a trail and geologic feature mapping project on the surface of this 9.45 acre cave preserve.”

The endeavor was part of our educational efforts. More than 16 persons attended.

Following the endeavor, Kim, Tom, Kerry and Mark went to the Hall Cave Preserve, where we began a long-intended project of mapping the surface features of the preserve. The day’s survey tallied more than 1400 feet of surface survey, with a few more project hours to put in. The crew hopes to do additional surveying during the MAKC members’ weekend, set for the first weekend in June at Lincoln Caverns. Hall Cave will be open for visitation as well