Hesston Cave Access (lease now suspended)

Hesston Cave Preserve News
The owner/cave preserve manager shall be informed of all trips to the preserve. To obtain access please send an e-mail to KEScaver@hotmail.com requesting permission and the date and time of the proposedtrip. Multiple dates are also excepted if there is a conflict. Please provide the number of participants in the requests and the grotto involved. During the beginning of the cave season at the preserve in 2009, trips may include an MAKC board member or the owner. For the 2009 cave trips to Hesston Cave will be limited to one to two groups per month.Once the request is approved, a trip lock key will be delivered to the trip leader or the MAKC or owner will meet the group at the cave on the approved date and time. The owner or MAKC will replace the master lock with the trip lock prior to the trip. A map with the parking area, changing area, and trail to the cave will be provided by e-mail.
A short trip report is requested to provide to the owner to monitor caver activity in the cave. Years ago, Mr. Denton allowed access to cavers and later visited the cave and found the cave vandalized.

Other rules include:

• No night caving.

• Park only in the designated parking area.

• Be discreet when changing in and out of cave clothes.

• All cavers must be properly equipped.

• Visitor conduct should adhere to National Speleological Society conservation guidelines. Visitor conduct should also reflect NSS Safety and Techniques Committeerecommendations for safe caving practices.

• Group size is limited to 8 people.

• Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol and alcoholic beverage containers are not allowed on the preserve.

• Use of the property for any kind of commercial activity, including “cave-for-pay” caving or other recreational activities is prohibited.

• No modifications to the cave or property, including the use of bolts or other permanent climbing aids are allowed. Exceptions may be granted in writing only by the cave owner.

• No hunting or firearms will be allowed on the property other than by the owner and/or his designees.

• The Preserve shall be closed from October 1 to April 15 due the Pennsylvania hunting season and owner’s request.

• Exceptions to any part of the access policy or management plan must be obtained in writing from the MAKC board of directors and owner in advance