Ongoing Projects

The Grotto has many ongoing projects that need volunteers to help with. We made this page so that interested people could see what's going on and ask to help, without cluttering up the calendar or having to mention everything every meeting.

New Squeezebox We need a new squeezebox! Our original one was ruined some years ago, and our newest one needs a lot of work. If you have any skill with carpentery, this could be the project for you. There isn't a specific date this needs done by, and it won't be done on a regular schedule; we'll work on it when people are free. It needs a new frame, a good sanding, and a coat of paint. Contact trvcic@gmail for more information. Improve the website The website needs a new look, a facelift, and a fresh coat of paint. If you see something incorrect, out-of-date or unattributed, please tell the webmaster trvcic@gmail. Also, I have absolutely no artistic ability. If you think a page looks ugly, you're correct. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make things look nicer. Finally, if you can make things like borders, backgrounds, logos or any other custom artwork it would be greatly appreciated. Ridge walking Ridge walking is hiking around, usually in the winter, looking for new caves. If you can lead a ridge walking group, please contact the Board Several new members have expressed an interest in ridge walking, so we'd like to coordinate the groups a little more.