A listserve is a way to send emails to and receive emails from a large group of people

The Pittsburgh Grotto operates 2 Yahoo Listerves

  1. The Open Listserve is open to anyone interested in caving and/or the Pittsburgh Grotto in general
  2. The Member Listserve is only for current Members of the Pittsburgh Grotto

Open Listserve

This Listserve is available for BOTH Pittsburgh Grotto members AND non-members:

This listserve is for general interest information about caving and the Pittsburgh Grotto

Member Listserve

This Listserve is restricted to dues-paying members of the Pittsburgh Grotto:

This listserve is for Pittsburgh Grotto members to learn of last minute cave trips and other Grotto happenings

IMPORTANT: All replies on BOTH listserves by default are to the sender only.
To reply to the group you'll need to send to the name of the group (eg: and/or

To Leave/Unsubscribe from a listserve Group:
To leave/unsubscribe via the Web:
  1. Sign in to Yahoo! Groups at OR
  2. From any page on the group, click the Edit Membership link at the top of the page
  3. Click the Leave Group link at the bottom right of the page
  4. Confirm on the next page

To leave/unsubscribe via Email:

From your email program, send a blank message to: OR

After unsubscribing either of the two ways from above, the group will no longer be listed on your My Groups page, and you’ll no longer receive messages.

Alternatively, you may wish to remain a member but reduce or eliminate group email by changing your message delivery/email frequency option on the web from the "Edit Membership" page to one of the following: