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Cave Equipment Vendors A-Z

Updated January 18, 2013

Cave Vendors A-Z is a new addition to Cave Links A-Z.

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B&C Wunderwear Inc. (cave suits, etc.): http://www.bcwunderwearinc.com/

Bat Conservation and Management: http://www.batmanagement.com/

Bill Fritz (Carbide Lamps): Speleobat2@msn.com    (256) 845-9628

Black Diamond: http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/

Blue Water: http://www.bluewaterropes.com/

Bob and Bob: http://www.4bobandbob.com/

BMS Rescue Equipment: http://www.bmsrescue.com/

Cave Books: http://www.cavebooks.com/

Cave Legs (Knee pads):  contact cavelegs@gmail.com

Caves.com (Magazine): http://www.cavediggers.com/

Cave survey software tools http://www-sop.inria.fr/agos-sophia/sis/Software/

Also: http://www.sat.dundee.ac.uk/~arb/surveying/software.html

Caving Books/// Tony Oldham, 1 Riverside Mews, Cardigan, SA43 1 DH, UK./// email: tonyfoldham@hotmail.com

Caving Suppliers: http://www.bostongrotto.org/Grotto/caving-suppliers.html

Caving Supplies: http://www.caving-supplies.co.uk/

Climb High: http://www.climbhigh.com/

COMPASS Cave Survey Software Home Page: http://www.fountainware.com/compass/

Crab Apple Whitewater, Inc.  413-625- 2288   www.crabapplewhitewater. com  (Used wetsuits)

Earth Adventures Sports Caving Gear: http://www.earthadventures.com/

Expe: http://www.expe.fr/

Expedition Essentials: http://www.theonlygear.com/top.html

Foto Search Stock Photography:  http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/cave.html

Foxfury Headlamps: http://www.foxfury.com/

Gear Express: http://www.gearexpress.com/

Gonzo Guano Gear: http://www.gonzoguanogear.com/

Hodag Video: http://www.hodagvideo.com/

Hollow Mountain Industries (Treasures From the Hollow Earth): http://hollowmountain.com/

Howies’s Harnesses: http://www.howiesharnesses.com/

Inner Mountain Outfitters: http://www.innermountainoutfitters.net/

Inner Realm Books: P.O. Box 1952 Carlsbad, NM  88221-1952
phone:  505-887-2845
e-mail:  rich@innerrealmbooks.com

J. K. Dey and Sons (carbide lamps): http://www.jkdey.com/

Karst Sports: http://www.karstsports.com/

Mammut: http://www.mammut.com

Mountain Gear: http://www.mgear.com/

NSS Bookstore: http://nssbookstore.org/

On Rope 1, Inc.: http://www.onrope1.com/

One Life Outfitters: http://www.onelifeoutfitters.com/

Maillon Rapide (Peguet): http://www.peguet.fr/gb/usages/EPI_montagne.html

Paul and Paul Collectibles: http://www.paul-n-paul.com/cave.html

Paul E. Johnson (Buy, sell and trade mining lamps): johnsonpe43@aol.com

3926 South Shore Drive Commerce Township, MI 48382  (810) 360-0242

Petzl: http://www.petzl.com/

Pinnacle Arborist Supplies: http://www.pinnaclearboristsupplies.com/

PMI rope: http://www.pmirope.com/

REI: http://www.rei.com/

Rigging For Rescue: http://www.riggingforrescue.com/

Rock ‘n Rescue: http://www.rocknrescue.com/

Shot in the Dark Cave Photography (Firefly Slave Units & Cave Photo Gear): http://www.pjcaver.com

Speleobooks: http://www.speleobooks.com

Spéléo Magazine: http://www.speleomag.com/

Spiroll Rope Protectors: http://spirolls.com/

State of the Artz: artzcustomgear@gmail.com

StenLight: http://www.stenlight.com/

Sterling Rope: http://www.sterlingrope.com/

Swaygo Gear: http://swaygogear.com/

Toporobot (Cartography): http://www.geo.unizh.ch/~heller/toporobot/English/index.html

Waterproof Paper: http://www.waterproof-paper.com/

Welly Shop: http://www.thewellyshop.com/  (Wellie boots and other foot ware, including the Viking Dryboot - {Search under "Advanced Search.)

WinKarst: http://www.resurgentsoftware.com/WinKarst.html

WVUnderground: http://www.wvunderground.net/

  Cave Vendors A-Z is a new addition to Cave Links A-Z.

Send new or updated URLs, or notices of bad links, to Cavenut@pobox.com

Dan Peden

Pittsburgh Grotto

NSS: 45456

Paul E. Johnson

Bill Fritz

Angelo I. George, C.P.G.

(Hollow Mountain Industries)

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