Sustaining Memberships


Your monthly internet service costs around $20 per month. Most service providers deduct this fee from a credit card, a nearly painless way to support your thirst for knowledge from the comforts of home. The MAKC’s sustaining membership program is a similarly painless way to help cave conservation efforts—without the labor of a work weekend or the muddiness of a cave cleanup. (We welcome donations of time and perspiration, too!) MAKC sustaining members can have as little as $10 a month deducted from a MasterCard or Visa account, thus making a $120 annual donation that’s barely noticeable in a typical caver’s tight monthly budget. If you feel particularly generous, you can donate more. Unless you designate your donation toward a specic purpose, such as cave acquisition, your $120 annual sustaining membership will help the MAKC:

1) Sponsor our cave purchases.

2) Cover property insurance costs — around ($1400 per year).

3) Offset other general operating expenses, such as postage & printing.

4) Go into a cave acquisition fund we hope to establish for our future projects.

Sustain your craving for caving and give in a bigger, less painful way by having a deduction made from your credit card monthy. It’s much easier to give $100 in $10 increments, or $240 in $20 monthly donations. And it’s all tax-deductible. You win, we win and the caves win.

All that for only $10 a month! For the price of a pizza or half a tank of gas, you can help to preserve the caves of today for the cavers of tomorrow. The MAKC board set a goal of 20 sustaining members. If you are interested in this program please contact treasurer Johnny Motto,

Contact Treasurer Johnny Motto for information about sustaining memberships.