Cave Trip Report: Hosterman's Pit

Cave: Hostermanís Pit
Location: Pennsylvania
Date: June 22, 1968
By: Norm Snyder
Netherworld News: Sept. 1968
Personnel: Jack Iago, Dave Litner, Ray Povirk and Norm Snyder

Hostermanís Pit is said to be the best and largest Pennsylvania Cave, of which I have no doubt. The cave was discovered around 1958 when the roof of a room fell in and formed a 90 foot pit in a farmerís field. When the first explorers got to the bottom, they first thought there was just a pit with a small room to the left.

The entrance of the cave looks like a well with a lock on it and the pit could pass for one also. We rappelled in and took a crawlway in front of us. There is another crawlway to the right that leads to the Carol section of the cave. Our passage soon took us to a crevice that we climbed down. From there, it became complicated with about three different ways one can go.

To first room we came to was 60 feet high and 40 feet wide. It had quite a few formations. One thing that is different about this cave than any other caves is that the formations are scattered throughout the whole cave and not just in certain sections.

We saw many rooms and finally climbed a steep mud bank that took us in a loop. Ray and I went over 1000 feet to the end of the Dynamite Section that was mostly crawl with a stand up room here and there. At the end we found a wagon and pick and a six inch hole with a large amount of air blowing in it.

Another interesting section in the loop is the crystal passage. It is formed by a dried out rimstone pool with pure white crystals in it. It is about three feet deep and four feet wide. One part of the passage leads over a 50 foot drop where a belay is necessary. At the end of the loop we rappelled down 30 feet into the room we entered from. From there, we went to a different route to the entrance.

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