Cave Trip Report: Cornwell Cave

Cave: Cornwell Cave
Location: West Virginia
Date: April 21, 1968
By: Fritz Sowerby
Netherworld News: June 1968
Personnel: Fritz Sowerby, Tim Kirby and Bruce Herbertson

It was warm spring morning when we got on the XXX. Here we had to leave our car and hike back to the XXX where could look out over the XXX gorge. Far into the distance at the bottom of the gorge you see about where Cornwell Cave is. It is about 1300 feet down the side of the gorge. We then hiked back to the car and drove to XXX, West Virginia.

We parked our car a few hundred feet from the gorge and hiked down the mountain to Cornwell Cave. It wasnít hard getting to the cave. The cave lies in a small limestone outcrop about 200 feet above the river. The cave is not too large but is easy. It has two main passages. One to the right is about 120 feet long and is the largest. It has a few formations, most of which are broken off. The passage to the left is mostly crawling and is the maze part of the cave.

After four hours of exploring we came out to find the temperature had climbed to the high 70ís. It was much hotter than when we went in. Then we made our climb back up the gorge. It took us Ĺ hour to climb down. But it took 1 Ĺ hours to climb back out.

Itís a good cave to visit one time if you donít have heart trouble. It also makes a nice one day trip.

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