Cave Trip Report: Cass Cave

Cave: Cass Cave
Location: West Virginia
Date: March 15-16, 1968
By: Norman W. Snyder
Netherworld News: April 1968
Personnel: Norm Snyder and at least 5 others

We took two cars down and the two groups met about 10 Saturday morning in a school parking lot in XXX. After a good breakfast and a long search for the cave, we finally reached Cass Cave.

We entered the cave about 2:30 p.m. Saturday. The entrance is in a small gully about 500 yards from a paved road not far from the town of XXX. We climbed down a fairly steep dry pit which was about 45 feet deep. The passage went straight and then curved left to meet a steam. We followed the stream for about 700 feet. The stream at this point formed a small fall and flowed into a water-filled crawlway which we followed for 200 feet. This part of the cave can be rough to get equipment through. The crawl ended in a large passage with small falls coming in on our left. This was the point where the falls entered the big room.

The steam passage was about 4 feet high and a small ledge about 3 feet wide led out from the falls into the big room. Looking down, we could see nothing but darkness.

To reach the belay loft we climbed a 40 foot wall. The top of the loft is around 9 feet high, 4 feet wide and 40 feet long. At the end of it is a large crevice that goes for 100 feet and is quite wide at spots. The crevice is 40 feet deep where it ends on top of the big room. We rigged our ropes on four stalagmites and rappelled into the room.

I was the sixth one in and was enjoying the view in front of me when my light went out. The spray from the falls was so intense that no ones lamp was on by the time they reached bottom. When I reached the bottom, I got out my flashlight and climbed up the hill about 300 feet to join the rest of the party. We were all very wet, for you canít stay around the falls any amount of time without getting soaked.

We split into two groups and my group explored all the cave except the "worm way". The other group just explored the big room.

The falls in the main room come in about 40 feet from the ceiling and cascade down a cliff to the bottom of the room, 180 feet below. To get to the rest of the cave, you have to climb a steep hill. On the right, 20 feet from the top of the hill, another small waterfall comes from the wall. From the top of the hill, thermo which is 180 feet high goes on to the left for about 700 feet. There are two other waterfalls coming into the room, each about 80 feet high. Few formations are found in this room.

We climbed up and down a hill to get into the second room which is as high as the first but not as large. A large amount of water was dripping from the ceiling and it sounded like rain when we first entered. There were large columns around the edges at 100 feet and more flowstone was evident than in the first room. We climbed down a 20 foot bank to a lower part of the cave. At the base of the bank there were rimstone dams. The passage was 8 feet high and 40 feet wide. We passed the register at this point and entered another passage which was also 40 feet wide. This passage contained stalactites, stalagmites and a large number of columns. The passage was interesting because at onetime it was covered in sand. The passage was then washed out making it a foot deeper leaving the columns holding a portion of the original floor. From this point, we reached what I believe was the "worm way" when we returned.

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