Cave Trip Report: Casparis Cave

Cave: Casparis Cave
Location: Pennsylvania
Date: February 24, 1968
By: Tom Palmer
Netherworld News: February 1968
Personnel: Saltsburg Caving Group/ Matt Bedick, Bill Boring, John Devore, Pat Kopchick, Tom Palmer and Rich Weaver

The group arrived at the cave at 3 pm Saturday afternoon after a long trip up the side of the hill. Anyone not knowing the location of the cave now has trouble as the power line has been cut down and the first 4 or 5 poles completely removed. The trip through the cave took about 2 hours. Several interesting facts were noted. In the first upper room above the keyhole dates of 1824, 1840 and 1849 were noted. These are earlier than reported and are carved deeply in the walls. The mud choke from this room has opened into the big room and is traversable though very low.

Most of the boys were quite surprised at the number of formations in both the big room and the Rain Room. It is definitely one of the better adorned caves of Western Pennsylvania. The entire cave, as well as the area outside was quite clean.

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