Cave Trip Report: Simmons-Mingo

Cave: Simmons-Mingo
Location: West Virginia
Date: January 20, 1968
By: Norm Snyder
Netherworld News: February 1968
Personnel: George Laufer, Ray Povirk, Norm Snyder and Charles Williams

The cave is only about 2 miles from the town of XXX off a side road from route XXX. The owner, Mr. Simmons, lives in the last house on the left and is very friendly. We asked him where the cave was and he walked a mile up the road to show us. After walking 200 yards through snow up to our knees we came to the entrance pit.

We had the 35 foot pit rigged when George took sick and went back to the car to wait for us.

At the bottom of the pit we went to our left down a steep slope to the bottom of the big room. From here we hit it lucky and made our way through piles of breakdown. We squeezed through a small hole into a room. Here there was a passage to our right and one straight ahead that looked to be an upper level. We took the crawlway to the right which we followed for 300 feet. At the front of a little puddle we halted and then continued for two feet and to our surprise we found ourselves looking down a 60 foot pit. From this point we found a crawlway which led to a right hand and left hand passage. The right passage went to the middle of the pit and the left to a 15 foot drop. With the use of two slings tied together we climbed down and continued on to the sound of water we heard in the distance. From the water we went through more breakdown and reached the main passage. The passage continued for 60 feet to another stream. At the junction was an eight foot high waterfall. We went downstream through a large 70 foot high gallery. 700 feet downstream we hit the best waterfall in the cave. The large stream cascaded down a steep slope into a deep pool. From here we went downstream 1500 feet to a siphon which could not be passed. After the siphon there was 300 feet of crawlway which gave no indication of becoming any larger.

We then went back to the junction and up the adjoining stream passage. This passage went 800 feet (past a second stream) and ended in a long pool.

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