Cave Trip Report: Strangford Cave

Cave: Strangford Cave
Location: Pennsylvania
Date: June 26, 1966
By: Dave Lintner
Netherworld News: June, 1966
Personnel: Dave Lintner

I went to Strangford to go caving in a nice easy cave. Parking my car in the quarry, I met three of the local residents. They were in the quarry hunting for rattlesnakes and copperheads. Like most local people who know about local caves, they too had some wild ideas and exaggerations about caves. Upon inviting them to come inside with me they said you couldnít drag them in. The reason was that the cave was full of snakes in this hot weather. I told them that it was a bit too cool for snakes in there, but naturally this didnít convince them.

Then they informed me that Strangford was miles long. Having been there before I assured them that it was a great 700 feet of passage and described the cave and especially its potholes, bull (sic) of cold, crystal-clear water. What a treat on a hot day; but this didnít convince them either.

Then they told of some caves at a place called Five Points, that I didnít know about. They are supposed to have big rooms, but again local people will call any hole in the ground a cave. However, you can never be sure.

Then they asked me if I had ever been to Bear Cave at Hillside. They assured me how tremendous the cave was and that it went the whole way to Bolivar. Bolivar is a good four or five miles across Chestnut Ridge and Bear Cave actually goes in the opposite direction. I tried to tell them this but they knew that if I took the correct stream passage, I could come out in Bolivar.

In the end they rode away, having seen no snakes, and I went on into the snake-infested Strangford Cave.

After Strangford I went to Loyalhanna Creek at Kingston. I visited the site of an air hole which I believed to be the same one reported in the 1953 Pennsylvania Cave Book by Smetzer. I have stopped here scores of times hoping for the hill to cave in, but I got a surprise that day. I cleaned out some leaves and dirt from the crevice and all of a sudden a small hole started to form whereupon a blast of air blew dirt and leaves in my face. I got excited and kept digging.

Later I had a friend of mine who lived nearby to help me and we dug for three hours. We could see a good fifteen feet back into the cave with a strong flow of cold air. I plan to return soon.

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