The Adventure of the Road
How an Accident Can Change Plans

Cave: Rolling Stone
Location: ?
Date: April 8, 1966
By: Dick Cope
Netherworld News: June 1966
Personnel: Sue Allerdice, Dick Cope, Fred Donofrio, Al and Do Haarr, Norm (Lost) Snyder, Jim Irwin, Chuck Hemple

Leaving the house early Saturday morning, Sue and I proceeded to Donofrio’s to pick up Fred. There we got a surprise. Chuck Hemple, Jim Irwin and Norm Snyder were coming also. So we convoyed down to W. Va. Everything went smoothly until just south of Elkins when Chuck’s car showed an affinity for a light pole. His car was badly damaged but serviceable so we continued south to Marlinton and met the Haarrs in Kelley’s only slightly late. We had planned to show the Haarrs Rolling Stone Cave that afternoon. After lunch the three cars continued on south only to be met by the State Police on the mountain outside of Marlinton. Chuck had to go back to Elkins so the Haarrs graciously consented to go back with him so that he could get back. The rest of us (now moneyless – we thought Chuck might need bail) continued on to Rolling Stone.

We stopped and asked Ma Lewis at Friars Hole for permission to go to Rolling Stone. He said OK but to be careful. He had just spent a night rescuing three boys from "Lewis Cave". INEXPERIENCE. The three boys had been caving before and had prussiked but had not put the two together. Two boys could not make the climb. So Ma Lewis and a group of neighbors had pulled them out.

We entered Rolling Stone and proceeded to start mapping without incident except Norm Snyder was continually out exploring by himself. Norm was found and told to stay with the group or get out of the cave. So for the rest of the time in Rolling Stone he stayed with the group. We started mapping Rolling Stone but ran out of time. For the next installment of this rollicking fun loving weekend see Al Haarr’s report on April 9th and 10th.

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