Cave Rescue Photo Page #1

Photos by Dan Peden

Laurel Caverns rescue: April 26, 2003
John Graybeal being attended to by rescuers; father at top
Presented here with family permission

"Orientation to Cave Rescue" training and mock rescue

Grotto members and others take a break during the OCR mock rescue

Passing a packaged patient through an awkward passage
Carrying an immobilized patient in a basket stretcher
Practicing a stretcher drag
Practicing a stretcher pass
Practicing a human chain stretcher pass
Practicing a 2 person stretcher pull
Cave rescue expert, Chuck Hempel, directs stretcher carry
Carl Pierce (front right) assists with stretcher practice
Paul Damon assists with stretcher pass during mock rescue
Practicing a "caterpiller carry"
Practicing a "turtle carry"
Field phone operator during mock rescue
Reassessing the patient during mock rescue
Debriefing the mock rescue
Rope rescue practice: rescuing an unconscious, on-rope caver
Todd Leonhardt practices unconscious caver rescue
Dan Peden practices single rope, unconscious caver rescue

Photo by Todd Leonhardt
Todd Leonhardt demonstrates unconscious caver rescue

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