Walkers Mill Cave Photo Page

The Walkers Mill Cave is being operated under guidelines established by the National Speleological Society (NSS), for safety and conservation.

The cave was surveyed by members of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy (MAKC) and Pittsburgh Grotto, all of whom are NSS members.

Access and management of the cave is controlled by Grotto members under the authority of the Collier Township Commissioners. It is part of the Collier Township parks system.

The official opening took place on September 15th 2001. On that day approximately 35 groups toured the cave (about 187 people). The tours operated non stop from noon to 8:30 pm.

To gain access call the Collier Twp secretary 412 279-2525 and ask to have your name and a phone number forwarded to Chuck Hilpert of the Pittsburgh Grotto/NSS, or contact Chuck by email at chuckhilpert@gmail.com There are no fees associated with this, and all persons enter at their own risk.

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Photos below by Chuck Hilpert

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