The Hermine Zotter Files

Hermine Zotter was an early member of the Pittsburgh Grotto and served as Grotto Librarian. She served as an editorial assistant of the 1957 Speleo Digest and was published in the NSS News. She authored "Caves of the Swago Creek Area" (1963).

In 1959 Miss Zotter worked on cave exploration in the Marlinton Area (Carpenter-Swago; Overholt Blowing, etc.)

In 1965 she was on a trip to Copperhead Cave when one of the group broke a leg. Miss Zotter stayed with the injured man and assisted with the rescue. This event received much publicity in local newspapers.

In 1966 Miss Zotter was awarded an NSS Certificate of Merit.

In 1968 Miss Zotter was named a Fellow of the NSS.

She attended the Old Timer's Reunion and M.A.R.

Below: Note Charlie Plantz (top row, second from left)

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