Pittsburgh Grotto History Photos Page 1

Photos courtesy of Paul Damon Sr. and Paul Damon Jr.

Paul Damon, Sr and a Ozark Jubilee Dancer at Marvel Cave 1958

Pittsburgh Grotto 30th Anniversary Party ticket, held October 15-16, 1977 at grotto member John Weinel's Campground

Graham (Porky) Ward (left) and Bob Dunn at the entrance to Coon Cave, Fall 1954

1948 grotto trip to New Paris Sinks in central PA

Grotto Honorary member Allen McCrady talks with Mr. Cunningham, the owner of Jones Quarry Cave
mid to late 1950s

Grotto encampment at Jones Quarry Cave, West Virginia; about 1960

Long time Pittsburgh Grotto member Julia Staniland, was also the National Speleological Society's Librarian for many years

Grotto member Buzz Bossart, on left, with the crew that developed Laurel Caverns

Grotto members (l to r)
Will White, Bob Dunn, and Russ Howard
circa 1958
Note found in Coon Cave, Germany Valley - West Virginia
Dated May 9, 1959, from Explorers Club of Pittsburgh
Photo by Mike Frisina

Pittsburgh Grotto Field house, c1960
Photo shows back of the house, the entrance normally used
Later became known as the PSC Field house after Pittsburgh left

Paul Damon collection, photographer unknown

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