Chestnut Ridge

Netherworld News: May 30, 1962
By: Frank Mielcarek

Dulaney’s Cave has finally been closed due to its commercialization and the Pittsburgh Grotto will have to discover another "big" cave. Mr Cole, the owner of Dulaney’s Cave, presumes the cave may be open to the public next summer, if not sooner. Mr. Cole commented that the cave should have some fantastic set-ups in order to draw the public. Due to the commercialization of Dulaney’s Cave the cave is off limits to all since they are blasting in the area. My advice to Grotto members is to honor Mr. Cole’s request. Boy Scout leaders please take note of this request and stay away from Dulaney’s with your troop. Mr. Cole also said that he will be lenient to N.S.S. members.

Now that Dulaney’s Cave is off limits Barton Cave will probably be visited quite frequently. However, there are some rumors of a new cave along the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border. These rumors will be investigated within the next two weeks. Maybe we will end up with a Mason-Dixon Cave if these rumors are valid. We can always hope they are true.

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