From the Pittsburgh Press: October 25, 1947

Around the Town-


Group to Revive Ancient Hobby, Collect Information for National Society

Here's a bet for the most popular hobby of the atomic age--Pittsburgh's new cave-crawling club.
The Spelunkers, as they are not widely known, have organized a Western Pennsylvania "grotto" devoted to spending weekends underground.
It will gather all sorts of information about caves and send it to the National Speleological Society in Washington, D.C.
The ancient hobby of cave-crawling always was looked at slightly askance until the last few years.
Then the Army found out that these mole-like creatures were the only ones who knew the location, size and potential military usefulness of America's vast system of caves. They have been rather fair-haired since.
The new group has selected an executive board of five members. It includes Chairman Robert Fisher, Secretary Robert Dunn, M. Graham Netting, Richard E. Hoffmaster and Clifford E. Davis.


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