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Listserv FAQ's

What is the purpose of the Listserve?

The intention is for people to use this list to help communicate upcoming trips that they would like to open up to other grotto members. This works especially well for "last minute" trips that get planned a couple days in advance. Note: This is not intended in any way to replace the normal newsletter or webpage, but simply to supplement them.

How do I send E-mail to the Listserve?

Send E-mail to: loyalhanna_grotto@yahoogroups.com

Will I be flooded with E-mails and SPAM?

As of now, there isn't too much activity on the Listserve. Unless people on the Listserve decide to announce trips everyday, you won't receive a lot of E-mail. You will not be flooded with SPAM.

How do I reply to all the members on the Listserve when I receive an email?

When replying to list messages, use the "reply to all" feature of your email program to send the response back to the list.

Is it Okay to forward jokes, offensive material, or chain E-mails?

NO... Please do not forward jokes, offensive materials or chain emails. i.e. E-mails that say you need to forward this E-mail to 20 people for good luck, etc...

*Exceptions to the jokes might be if you have something really funny related to caving. If the material is in question, it probably doesn't belong on the Listserve.

Remember.... Whatever you send on the listserve will be received by everyone else.

How do I unsubscribe from the Listserve?

Send E-mail to: loyalhanna_grotto-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com




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