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Keep In Touch

There are several ways for you to keep in touch with MAKC, and for MAKC to keep in touch with you. By becoming a member you will receive four issues of our award-winning newsletter annually.


For members only. Send your friend request to M.A. Karst on We will be thankful for your friendship.

Email Listserve

For members only. The MAKC has just made it even easier for members to stay in touch by creating an email distribution list. This list will help foster better communication by allowing members to send messages about caving activities, recent news, and other related information.  In an effort to control SPAM, only MAKC members will be permitted to join or send messages to the mailing list.   

To join, simply send a blank email to  You will then receive an automated confirmation message.  Once you reply to the confirmation message, your membership request will be forwarded to the list moderator for approval.  You will then receive a welcome message once you have been approved.  After that, simply send email to and your messages will be forwarded to the entire distribution list. 

There are a few ground rules for the list:

  • Please do not forward jokes, offensive materials, chain letters, or any other inappropriate messages.
  • Everything that you send will be going out to a large, diverse group of people. 
  • Please use good judgment when it comes to the content of your messages.          
  • If you feel that an offensive message has been sent, please forward a copy along with your concerns to
  • The MAKC reserves the right to remove any member from the list for sending inappropriate or offensive messages. 

Messages tothe mailing list are being sent from other MAKC members and are not reviewed bythe Board of Directors (BOD); as such, the BOD is not responsible for thecontent of messages received.You canchoose to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by sending a blank emailto