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There are many ways for individuals and businesses to help support cave conservation. Donations, membership and even volunteering are all ways to help.

* Help protect important karst resources.
* Encourage others to contribute.
* Double your contribution by checking with your employer for matching gift possibilities.
* Gain a tax deduction, as MAKC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
* We are all volunteers. There are no paid staff members. Help by volunteering!
* Check the membership section and join us now

Become A Life Member

For only $400, you can become a life member of MAKC and never have to worry about paying dues again. Life members also, as we find and map a cave, will have the opportunity to name a cave.

Become A Sustaining Member!

Your monthly internet service costs around $20 per month. Most service providers deduct this fee from a credit card, a nearly painless way to support your thirst for knowledge from the comforts of home. The MAKC’s sustaining membership program is a similarly painless way to help cave conservation efforts -- without the labor of a work weekend or the muddiness of a cave cleanup. (We welcome donations of time and perspiration, too!)
MAKC sustaining members can have as little as $10 a month deducted from a MasterCard or Visa account, thus making a $120 annual donation that’s barely noticeable in a typical caver’s tight monthly budget. If you feel particularly generous, you can donate more. Unless you designate your donation toward a specific purpose, such as cave acquisition, your $120 annual sustaining membership will help the MAKC:
1) Sponsor our cave purchases.
2) Cover property insurance costs.
3) Offset other general operating expenses, such as postage & printing.
4) Go into a cave acquisition fund we hope to establish for our future projects.
All that for only $10 a month! For the price of a pizza or half a tank of gas, you can help to preserve the caves of today for the cavers of tomorrow.
The MAKC board set a goal of 20 sustaining members. If you are interested in this program please contact treasurer Sue Moore. She’ll answer your questions and start your monthly contributions. E-mail:

Or Become A Regular Member

 Your membership supports our efforts to buy caves, lease caves, and keep caves open for you.