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Cave Rescue Training Exercise

Posted by kadm732 on 11/28/15
(Editor’s note: This summer MAKC and other local caving groups participated in a mock search and rescue in Hillside. Cavers were not privvy to the location of the exercise until the callout came; they merely knew that there would be an exercise on the appointed day. Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group acted as the coordinator for the event. The scenario was that the group would gather at the Bear Cave parking lot to search for a lost caver. When they arrived they were told that the caver was lost at Bear Cave. When they got to Bear Cave they were told that the caver had decided to go to Lemon Hole, beating the brush down into the next valley. Permission had been secured from the Forbes State Forest District Forester, Ed Callahan, for the exercise. When they arrived at Lemon Hole they were told that someone was injured at the bottom of the entrance pit, and they then had to extricate the injured caver. Cavers wishing to take part in future training exercises should contact either Rich Monty or Chris Hill.)

Mudfest 2015

Posted by kadm732 on 11/28/15
By Dave Field

Mud by any other name would still smell as sweet

Posted by kadm732 on 11/28/15
By Jeff Jahn

Casparis Cave Video

Posted by kadm732 on 09/29/14
Casparis Cave video

Pennsylvania Convention A Success

Posted by kadm732 on 12/31/13
By Kim Metzgar

Cavers Discover Cause Of Collapse Inside Barton Cave

Posted by kadm732 on 03/03/12
When cavers assisted researchers, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission at Barton Cave in March, we had an inkling that the cave might be reopened in 2011. However, much to our surprise, Greg Turner of the PGC told us that there had been a collapse in the Pittsburgh Passage during the course of the closure and their study. We were being called upon to try to reopen the Pittsburgh Passage blockage for several reasons:

Barton Cave, March 2, 2011

Posted by kadm732 on 03/03/12
Greg Turner of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Aura Stauffer of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources contacted me and asked me to get a group of cavers together to go into Barton Cave in Fayette County during a bat survey, the only time the cave would potentially be open to us prior to a decision (pending) that is to be made on reopening the cave to cavers during the summer months.

Bootlegger Sink Trip Report

Posted by kadm732 on 03/02/12
Early in the year of 2009, the company I worked for was contracted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to help with a groundwater study in Emigsville in York County, Pennsylvania. The study area contained two caves including Bootlegger Sink and Emig Cave. As part of the work scope, access to Bootlegger Sink was proposed to evaluate bedrock structure and groundwater quality. Charlie Klinger of the Greater Allentown Grotto (GAG and MAKC) and myself from the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy (MAKC) and Franklin County Grotto (FCG) were chosen from our company to reliably and safely access the cave and perform the assessment since we both had many years of experience caving and in the environmental industry. I couldn’t believe it; this was a first for both of us, getting paid to go caving.

Charles F. Lewis Natural Area Cave Project Revived

Posted by kadm732 on 03/02/12
Following the February, 2009, board meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy, Kerry Speelman, Mike Schirato, Mike Kern, and Tom and Kim Metzgar visited the Charles F. Lewis Natural Area. The natural area is located in the Conemaugh Gorge and borders Indiana and Cambria counties. It’s near the village of Cramer, and also not far from Johnstown.

McCallisterville Cave Trip

Posted by kadm732 on 03/02/12
What better way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend than a cave trip to McAlisterville Cave in central PA on Saturday May 24th. Kudos to Kerry Speelman for arranging the trip. Other participants were Sharon Fairchild and Jeff Jahn from Front Royal Grotto and a few other MAKC members and friends including, John Shero, Mike Schirato, Mike Kern, Courtney Garcia, and Ben Gorman.