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Franklin County Grotto
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Carnegie Cave

PA Land Use Law

Spring M.A.R. 2016 May 13 - 15 at Shade Gap, PA; see MAR Event link below

McFadden Cave, Huntingdon County, PA is now a closed cave.

New important information about visiting Carnegie Cave visit our link below.

Peiper Cave, Cumberland County, Shippensburg PA is now LOCKED. Permission is required to enter. More information to be published as we get details.

P-caves and other caves on the Valley Quarries/New Enterprise property are all closed and off limits.     NO TRESPASSING on the property for any reason is not permitted.  No excuses, no hiking, no bird watching, no mushroom hunting, no bicycling, no 2 or 4 wheeling, NO NOTHING.  There are no permission forms to grant acces onto the property, any/all previous permission forms are VOID. We will update as soon as we can with information on gaining access onto the property.  April 2016

Andy Filer on rope climbing out. Photo by Giani Eftimie.

Swago Pit, WV

For information on WNS click on our link below,

White Nose Syndrome